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pictures of soft things August 22, 2010

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After a long life of dismal failed attempts at yarn craft, involving one rather sad knitting lesson with pale peach yarn from a british boy and five or six impetuous attempts  at crochet with big soft yarns in burgundy and turquoise while under Holly’s influence, I have finally learned to make a granny square. Kind of. I learned to make a granny square and now I am super good at going around and around the original square to make a magically larger and larger afghan, but now my afghan is large and I can’t remember how to start the granny square.

However, rejoicing!

Also the cats approve

which I suppose is always a good thing. Certainly it’s kind of a funny looking thing. Ha.


One Response to “pictures of soft things”

  1. Holly Says:


    i will mail you some start-the-square directions…
    it looks rad, sweetie! congrats. you have made something big enough to keep something warm. this is a mighty accomplishment.

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